Looking for Professional Marketing & Graphic Design Services?

Make sure everything you print, from business cards and sales sheets to advertisements or corporate holiday cards reflects the branding of your business. Repetition = Recall = Sales. So why not make sure your message is clear and consistent with every impression you make on prospective customers?

Hot Lava Media produces your corporate branding package for maximum impact getting your message across to every prospect, at every opportunity. Don't waste money on doing things half way.  Do it right, the first time. That's the way of Hot Lava Media. Create that magical business flow just like the big boys at a fraction of the budget. And, when the design is done, we do the printing as well! From fantastic business cards, sales collateral, flyers, brochures, menus and so much more. Hot Lava Media is your "One Stop Shop".


Logo Design

Sometimes our clients have the product, the concept but lack the one piece that creates a memorable impression. We develop logos that deliver those key elements of marketing your company, service and product. A quality logo can be literal or conceptual and instills identity, confidence, ingenuity, foundation and above all brand recall.

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Brand Development

From slogans and text to brainstorming and instituting best practices for product development/launches, Hot Lava Media possesses over 60 years of marketing know-how including strategic work with MTV, The Movie Channel and Birch Telecom. Delivering unique levels of experience to deliver results, convincing your prospects to take the next steps...Isn't that what you are looking for?

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Business Card Design

Business cards are one of the most important parts of your sales and marketing effort and one of the least expensive...Never ever ever ever go cheap. Sure you can design them print them off themselves and that is exactly what you get, a big box business card. A quality business card gets looked at saved and admired. a cheap card gets wadded up like a scratch pad. We design and print only quality cards with varying finishes and paper stocks. And the difference, less than 1/2 of 1 cent per card. This is no time or reason to go cheap.

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Brochure Design

Check out a few examples of our design work. Our customers compliment us everyday not just on our designs but for listening to them. We ask the questions: Who are your customers? What do they need to know? What is your USP (unique selling proposition)? And then we address those vital elements in an attention grabbing format

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Postcard Design

Signed, sealed and delivered! Our expert design team creates beautiful, eye-catching postcards that drive sales and business awareness. Hot Lava Media can also assist you with mail house services to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.  Do you want a cool and creative postcard? Contact Hot Lava Media today.

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Marketing Materials

A little bit of razzle dazzle paired with solid content and your sales one-sheeters, email marketing newsletters, automotive graphics, signage or trade show booth graphics get's your message across now! And...since we do not niche market, your message is unique and original. Nothing we do is a "customized industry template". Everything is a result of intuition, inspiration, imagination and execution.

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Direct Mailers

Yea, this stuff still works because in almost every business sector, there is so much less clutter as the bulk of communication has gone electronic. We've helped cemeteries to carpet cleaners to car dealerships deliver a personal appeal. Hot Lava Media works with your database or can acquire names and addresses at cost to expand your reach. For may of our clients increased sales are "In the mail!"

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Menu Design

Anybody can line up a bunch of "Entrees and sides" and call it a menu. But there is a little bit of science and creativity that goes into a mouthwatering menu. Make sure your house and catering menus reflect the style or your restaurant. Make sure your menu mirrors the needs and desires or your patrons. On paper or online...Hot Lava Media does the design.

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