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Project Details:

  • CSS
  • SEO/Marketing
  • Responsive
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Quality Auto STL

Time Frame:


Quality Auto STL | Quality Auto Sales STL

With major local clients and phenomenal year over year growth, Quality Auto required a digital strategy that both supported inbound lead generation and informed of their bigger, better location. We helped the leadership develop a modern, sustainable plan that could evolve on an almost daily basis.


  • Build a modern responsive website
  • Highlight New Location
  • Distinguish major service offerings
  • Incorporate offers and downloadable coupons and price sheet
  • Implement a user friendly, responsive mobile site
  • Allow for consistent updating of articles and blog content.

Phase 1

Gathering the Facts and Figures

Through client interviews and interactions, we were able to get crystal clear on the vision and direction of the website. In our research we found great statistics and facts about the automotive repair industry, competition and our Quality Auto’s target market. With this information were better able to develop a design that would increase interest and interaction.

Phase 2

Conceptual Palette

Our team jumped right in creating a vivid sitemap and palette. The design palette acted as a template for the overall look and feel of the site. Details such as photos, buttons and graphic placement are shown as they will appear online. Typography, spacing and information placement are precise.

Phase 3

Power Up

With the final go-ahead our development to went right to work building a custom layout inside the latest software platform. They were sure to add motion graphics, powerful links and easy to use buttons and contact information. Throughout the process they tested and ensured that all function worked across multiple platform.

What We Accomplished

The new website works seamlessly across all platforms - including mobile - in order to meet the needs of the site's users. We also integrated interactive ways for the client to stay engaged and interact with the site through blogs and social media.


As Quality Auto continues to grow, we will consistently offer our support and innovation.